ChemMatters - Episode 3: Demystifying Magic Tricks

Reveal the science behind magic tricks in this special National Chemisty Week edition of our ChemMatters video series.  The HD video podcast, entitled “Demystifying Magic Tricks,” solves the mysteries of disappearing ink, those birthday candles that just won’t go out and demonstrates how to get a hard-boiled egg into a bottle with a small neck. The video is also is available on iTunes.

possible error in egg in a bottle - On 10/21/10 at 3:41 PM Sandra Kelly Koster said:
Sandra Kelly Koster's Gravatar I seem to recall that an explanation of this phenomenon that relies on the loss of oxygen through burning is incorrect. Every oxygen molecule lost is replaced by carbon dioxide (and water vapor) so the reaction does not result in a net loss of gases. But when the gas in the bottle becomes hot, it expands and some is lost out of the neck. When the egg seals the bottle and the gas begins to cool the pressure inside the bottle decreases relative to atmospheric pressure and the egg is pushed into the bottle. The video is pretty cool though.

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