Festive Science: A Holiday Chem Lab

What makes the snowflakes flutter down almost hypnotically when you shake a snow globe?

Our new video answers that question and other holiday chem queries in high-definition detail. Check it out!

Festive Science! A Holiday Chem Lab from ACS Pressroom on Vimeo.

The video features Diane Bunce, Ph.D., and her students, who perform experiments with a holiday theme.  Bunce, professor of chemistry at CUA, is a recipient of the ACS Helen Free Award for Public Outreach.

Using the magic of chemistry, the video shows students how to make:
•    A colorful, bouncing super ball made with polymers.
•    A snow globe-like stick, consisting of a test tube filled with water, glitter and glycerine. The glycerine slows the glitter and makes it look like snowflakes falling when the tube is shaken.
•    A marbleized gift card made with shaving cream, paper and various food colorings.


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