ChemMatters: Episode 1 - Nanotechnology's Big Impact

The award-winning high school chemistry magazine ChemMatters is making its YouTube debut with its first ever video podcast. The first episode highlights the very big promise of those very small machines known as nanotechnology. The episode explains how incredibly small nanostructures like buckyballs could lead to tiny devices that bring medicine exactly where it needs to go in your body, as well as powerful computers the size of a grain of sand or vital new sources of energy.

Let us know what you think of the episode with a comment! And make sure to click the full-screen button so you can watch the video in its full HD glory. 

ChemMatters has been demystifying the chemistry at work in our everyday lives for over 25 years. Released quarterly, each issue is full of readable articles about the chemistry used in everyday life, and is of interest to budding chemists and their teachers alike. New episodes of the ChemMatters video podcast will be available in early 2010. For more entertaining video podcasts from the ACS, subscribe to Bytesize Science on iTunes.

Episode 1 - On 12/3/09 at 1:39 PM sgrzegorzewski said:
sgrzegorzewski's Gravatar

What happened to this episode?


I can not access it or see it on the site.


I have tried to get it through itunes also with no luck.

Podcast - On 3/23/10 at 10:43 AM jkrick said:
jkrick's Gravatar I would love to show this to podcast to my class. can you put it back up?

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